Front from left to right:
Helani Schreuder (Administration Officer), Albertus Heydenrych (Business Development Manager), Wouter Morgan (Operations Manager), Itai Ndaanyana (General Assistant), Hennie Roos (Site Technician), Otto Strydom (Research and Development Engineer), Francois du Plessis (Managing Director), Alan van der Merwe (Linux System Administrator), Frans Jansen (Technical Support), Pieter de Waal (Executive Director), Dirk Grobler (Research and Development Engineer), Anne Adams (Production Manager), Guy Emerton (Applied Mathematician), Karen Keet (Technical Support Team Leader), Fernando Nieuwveldt (Research and Development Manager), Marietjie van der Westhuizen (Legal Advisor), Mosima Mathibe (Site Service Metallurgist), Amanda Opperman (Secretary).

Personnel not on photo:
Dirk Crafford (Financial Manager), Lize Cillié (Mathematical/Statistical Analyst), Pieter Theron (Electronic Engineer), Ruan Botma (Electronic Engineer)